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S O U N D   I M P R O V E M E N T

Reference Tweaks products are synonym for a revolution in sound improvement. Besides being very effective, they are also very affordable. What do our tweaks offer you? You can expect an overall boost in sound quality all through the frequency range. Soundstage will be deeper en wider with a black background. New details will appear, but the most important benefit will be the increased musicality, a more smooth and more friendly sounding system, yet very detailed. The treble will be well textured without edges and the bass will be very defined, just as it was recorded. In short: An overall more analogue and pleasant sound will show up for you.


T T L   T E C H N I Q U E

What our products makes them stand out is the rebalancing capability offered by the T T L activation. On a sub molecular level the conductor and the plugs are rebalanced, which greatly benefits the conductivity of the signal. Whether the conductor is copper, silver or gold, the signal will be much cleaner. An other key feature of the T T L  technique is the strongly reduced Electro Magnetic Field Noise. 

Our T T L activation technique is unique in the world. So we are and will be the only suppliers of this kind of audio tweak. Our products do not loose their benefits in time. And besides being easy to apply and use, they are made of organic textiles, so eco friendly. Last but not least they are nice looking, because of the Japanese based design.

Before buying a new component or cable, try our tweaks with a 30 days trial period. You will be surprised by the pleasant change in your sound.


F O R   A U D I O P H I L E S   F R O M   A U D I O P H I L E S

Our deep love for music and sound and the wish to upgrade our own audio systems has brought us to the T T L formula. T T L appeared to be a great tool for big improvements in audio systems. As audiophiles we want to share our invention with fellow audiophiles on a friendly and financially affordable base. That is the reason why we started Reference Tweaks.

So now you also can upgrade your precious sound system, for little money, with great sonic effects. This will bring more pleasant listening in your life.

After years of intensive research and development Reference Tweaks introduces in 2011 a range of stunning new audio products. As the founders of Reference Tweaks we are proud of these new sonic tools. We are very happy as audiophiles to offer these great audio tweaks, so you can enjoy your precious set up in a new and enjoyable way. We wish you happy new listening. We know you will.

Hans en Nenno, founders





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