Miracle Wraps reviews

I N T E R N A T I O N A L   R E V I E W S  

www.tweak-fi.com  Amine Slimani: The Miracle Wraps are a highly recommended tweak. It is easy to try and not ridiculously priced for the type of improvement it provides.   

www.hifi-advice.com  Extensive reviews on Miracle Wraps and Magic Sleeves. Christiaan Punter: Definitely a keeper. UpdateThe effect is so large in fact that it may become overwhelming in cases where the sound is already very smooth. Given their modest cost, I advise everyone just to go and try them both for yourself!

Gene Fisher, U.S.A.  It would be hard for me to overstate the improvement in my system. I wanted to tell you how amazingly good my system was after continuing to tweak my system with the AC Miracle Wraps and then adding the Interlink Miracle Wrap to my D-60 digital cable!


 R E V I E W S   I N   D U T C H

www.qualityhifi.nl  But when you take them out of your set, your are a few steps back…

www.puresound.be  Gerald Ruiter: All together I can conclude that the Miracle Wraps have a audible effect, for sure.

www.audioreview.nl  Ron Ploeger: An other positive story with the Miracle Wraps. Conclusion: Hats Off.

Ronsaudioblog: Conclusion: A deep bow for this product. It makes true what it promises on the website. You have to try it to believe it.


H A P P Y   U S E R S   C O M M E N T S

* Enchanting listening, I cannot stop.

* Unbelievable transformation of my set. I am deeply grateful and not planning any more upgrades.

* All my CD’s sound fantastic now. My best upgrade.

* Best tweak I ever came across.

* These tweaks have totally surprised me.

* I shall sing their praises at every opportunity even though I haven’t a clue as to how they are doing what they do.

* Thank you very much for one of the best improvements I have ever heard to my system.