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R E F E R E N C E   T W E A K S   P O W E R C O R D S

B a s e d   o n   a   r e v o l u t i o n a i r y   i n v e n t i o n   i n   q u a n t u m   p h y s i c s

AC current has a considerable influence on the performance of a music system. This statement is in recent years generally accepted. Power cables have shown a significantly greater positive effect than interconnects and speaker cables. Clean power, line conditioners, power generators and the like are important and have become indispensable components in a serious audio set-up.

The new Gold Label power cable distinguish it selves from other power cables not only by using the best quality components. But above all, by the application of a new and very effective technique: T T L. By applying the T T L activation process we make ​​the difference with other top power cables. Treatment with the T T L technique makes what is already good or very good, much better. The principal action of  T T L  is the rebalancing on sub-molecular level, which improves the conductivity and the signal becomes very clean. You can hear this!

The Gold Label power cord will make your audio system sound more musical, more natural and more relaxed. Our power cord will strongly improve your sound in all frequencies without changing the character of your set.

Our power cord offer, thanks to the T T L activation, the best in resolution, soundstage, musicality and with an ultra low background noise. Your set will sound balanced and harmonic from top to bottom. It gives you a real great upgrade!


  G O L D   L A B E L  power cords are suited for all audio components like integrated amplifiers, power-amplifiers, mono blocks, DAC 's, streamers, CD players and pre-amplifiers.

The higher the quality of the connectors and the conductors, the greater the effect of the T T L process. So this cable is on both sides terminated with 24 carats gold/copper connectors from IeGo, deep-Cryogeen treated in the IeGo factories in Taiwan. These connectors are amongst the best on the market. We prefer the IeGo connectors, with the Golden Label configuration, above the Furutech and the Oyaide connectors, because of their coherent, natural, warm and colorful sound.

For the cable we use the Furukawa mono-crystal pure copper conductor, because these are now the best AC power cables available. They give an airy, dynamic and a sound full of drive and precision.

By using the best materials and components and applied in the right configuration one makes a real fine AC power cord. But by applying the T T L activation process on the conductor and the connectors, these components are brought to a much higher level and one gets a real high-end product. Unique in performance and with an extraordinary price quality relation. Gold !

   G o l d   L a b e l   p o w e r c o r d  -   590,-- with a blue or black sleeve, 100 cm. Every 5 cm extra: 15,--. Hearing is believing. The power cord will be shipped in a luxury linen bag with on it the 24 carat Gold Label.  Info Gold Label power cord in pdf.

* Now each Gold Label power cord comes with one free Miracle Wraps Power.


u s e r   c o m m e n t  :

* Am really astonished at the jump in musical enjoyment brought about by the TTL cable and one miracle wrap. For the sum involved,this has to be the only bargin i`ve experienced in 40 years of HiFi.


R e v i e w   P r o f e s s i o n a l :

www.hifi-advice.com  Christaain Punter : After connecting the Reference Tweaks Gold Label I couldn't  believe my ears. Every aspect improved immensely: Deeper, more powerful bass, a gloriously rich midrange, and soundstage widened and deepened while partraying more air inbetween phantom images. Importantly, treble remained open and airy. This cable is simply fantastic. I like it so much that I have decided to order two of them, and to make the Reference Tweaks Gold Label my new reference for power cables.

U P D A T E   a u g u s t u s   2 0 1 2 :

Well blimey, there it was again: the royal, room-fillingh sound with that beautifully deep yet agile and colourful foundation. Positive, colourful and lively. Quickly I connected the second cable to the Levinson cd player and yes, this one also regained the sound that I loved and missed ever since the Gold Label cables were gone from the system. Like I said earlier: they are my personal reference and I don't think that I can live without them anymore. I cannot think of higher praise to give!  Complete review in PDF format here.




C O N T A C T   &   I N F O






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  G O L D   L A B E L







G O L D   L A B E L



   The Gold Label IeGo 8085  connectors are made of deep Cryogenic treated pure Furukawa copper with a pureness of 99,99%. They are chemical cleaned and have polished 24 carat gold contacts. (15A, 125-230 volts).

  The Gold Label conductor is the High End Performance Furutech A (Alpha)-OCC mono-crystal Furukawa copper conductor with 49 strands of 0,32 mm (2.5 mm). Three cables twisted.. Isolation: polyethylene. Outside isolation: Flexible PVC. Diameter is 11 AWG, 16 mm.

The Furukawa conductor and both the connectors, the Schuko en de IEC, are fully activated by the  T T L  activation  process.

During assembly of the connectors on the cable no shrink sleeves are used. Also, the cables are not tinned. We do use a contact improver, and anti-oxidizing agent. All this to ensure optimum signal transfer. Two years warranty. Of course you can order different T T L  activated connectors from Furutech or Oyaide in any standard, like USA or UK standards.



O t h e r   p r o d u c t s 

The Miracle Wraps and the Magic Series and TTL Treated sleeves. Read on.

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All power cords will be shipped by registered and insured Mail. Holland: 15,00. Europe: 32,00. World: 45,00. Read on.

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T h e   H i g h e s t   q u a l i t y 

1. The purity of the conductors. 
2. The precision of the cable construction. 
3. The quality of the insulation material. 
4. The quality of the connectors.


T T L :

The power cables are based on a special technique,  the TTL treatment, a high-tech process that balances and restructures the cord and the conductors on a sub-molecular level


Results  T T L  treatment:

a A strongly enhanced signal conduction.

b. It is of no matter what kind of material, the conductors consists, copper, silver, rhodium or gold, the signal is much cleaner.

c. Another important feature of the TTL technique is that the electromagnetic field (EMI) and the Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) decreases.


T T L worth knowing:

1. The TTL treatment is a Dutch scientific discovery based in the quantum physics.

2. The TTL process takes 6 weeks and is an advanced energy treatment, based on proven scientific processes.

3. Our TTL products do not lose their characteristics and benefits over time.

4. TTL is invented by Reference Tweaks and is unique in the audio world. Therefore we are and we remain the only supplier of these special power cords.

5. It takes no time to hear the great benefits of the T T L treatment, this in contradiction with our Miracle Wraps and other tweaks.


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