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  B e s t   a u d i o   t w e a k s   e v e r


    The new designed Wraps

     1. Miracle Wraps Power

    2. Miracle Wraps Interlinks

    2. Miracle Wraps Interlinks  double

     2. Miracle Wraps Interlinks  digital

    2. Miracle Wraps Interlinks  fits iPods

    3. Miracle Wraps Fuses 

      Reference Tweaks Bags 


O r d e r i n g   &   P a y m e n t

International customers can use Pay Pal. European customers can also pay by bank. All orders will be shipped by TNT registered Mail the next business day. Shipping costs are 7,00 for Holland. Europe 10,00. Rest of the world 16,00.

O r d e r i n g :

Please send us an E-mail containing the following information:

1.  What do you want to order.

2. Your address.

3. How you want to pay.


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www.tweak-fi.com  Amine Slimani: The Miracle Wraps are a highly recommended tweak. It is easy to try and not ridiculously priced for the type of improvement it provides.   

www.hifi-advice.com  Extensive reviews on Miracle Wraps and Magic Sleeves. Conclusion: Definitely a keeper. Update: The effect is so large in fact that it may become overwhelming in cases where the sound is already very smooth. Given their modest cost, I advise everyone just to go and try them both for yourself!

Gene Fisher, U.S.A.  It would be hard for me to overstate the improvement in my system. I wanted to tell you how amazingly good my system was after continuing to tweak my system with the AC Miracle Wraps and then adding the Interlink Miracle Wrap to my D-60 digital cable!


S T U N N I N G   A U D I O   T W E A K S

Our Miracle Wraps will make your audio system sound more musical and more relaxed. These Wraps will strongly improve your sound in all frequencies without changing the character of your set. It gives you a real great upgrade! Our products stand out by the application of a total new technique in the audio world: The T T L technique, which is a scientific formula in a revolutionary application. The main feature is the rebalancing on sub molecular level. This improves the conductivity and the signal becomes more clean. You will hear this! The nice looking Miracle Wraps are handmade of strong rice paper and are filled with TTL treated powder. This powder is organic and non toxic.


M I R A C L E   W R A P S

1.  Miracle Wraps Power, 15 cm x 5 cm.  Rice paper wraps for all audio related AC power connectors, USA and European types. Great results when applied on connectors, for example: CD players and DAC's, pre-amplifiers, integrated- or surround amplifiers, head-fi amplifiers and mono block amplifiers. Price of one wrap 50,00 .

2.  Miracle Wraps Interlinks, 8 cm x 5 cm.  Rice paper wraps for all kind of audio interlink plugs. Analogue interlinks balanced or unbalanced and digital interlinks like coax and Toslink do benefit much from the Wraps. You need one Wrap per digital interlink! Great results when applied on plugs, for example: CD players, DAC 's and pre-amplifiers. And Audiophile iPod interlinks for head-fi. Price of one wrap 35,00 .

3.  Miracle Wraps Fuses, 13 cm x 2,5 cm.  Use these Wraps on your Old School fuses in your Fuse box in the meter cabinet. Wrap it gently around the fuse-holder and lock it with the supplied special linen blue-tape. After 10 minutes you will hear quite a difference, but please be patient because after 24 hours you will be really amazed and pleased by the final result. While all our Wraps have the unique T T L rebalancing function the Wraps also function very well with audiophile fuses and audiophile electric groups. Price of one wrap 35,00 .

4.  Reference Tweaks Bags 5 cm x 3 cm.  Miracle Wraps in an handy tweak-self edition. A major upgrade for your home audio set and fits also mobile amplifiers like Graham Slee Voyager, CMOY and Neco amplifiers. Just put a little packet inside, up or under audio components. Place it gently next to transformers, capacitors, the battery etc. Place one or more on power connectors and interlink plugs. Wait at least 10 minutes and you will hear instantly the difference. You will notice a sound with more authority, a more smooth,  a more musical and richer sound. Price for 3 pieces, only 30,00. Shipping worldwide 2,00

To introduce the Reference Tweaks we made two interesting promotional bundles, so you can make a major and complete upgrade of your set up in one step, for little money.

Bundle 1: Instead of  120,00 we offer you this bundle, consisting of one Miracle Wraps Power and two Miracle Wraps Interlinks, for 100,--

Bundle 2: Consists of 2 Miracle Wraps Power and 2 Miracle Wraps Interlinks. Instead of  170,00, we offer you this for  135,--

30 Days free home trail. You can try all the Reference Tweaks products for 30 days in your own home system. So far not one customer asked for a refund!  All our products will include the  How to use Miracle Wraps manual, please click  here.


  G O L D   L A B E L  power cords are deep T T L activated. They are terminated with the best Cryogenic treated copper/gold connectors for a warm and colourful sound. The conductor is the best available on today's market: the Furukawa mono-crystal pure copper conductor for an airy, dynamic and a sound full of drive and precision. Gold !

  G o l d   L a b e l   p o w e r   c o r d  , 100 cm with the standard blue sleeve, 590,--.  More information : Here


C O N T A C T 




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