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      Reference Tweaks Bags 

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M A G I C  T W E A K S

Our Reference Products will make your audio system sound more musical and more relaxed. These special products will strongly improve your sound in all frequencies without changing the character of your set. It gives you a real great upgrade! Our products stand out by the application of a total new technique in the audio world: The T T L technique, which is a scientific formula in a revolutionary application. The main feature is the rebalancing on sub molecular level. This improves the conductivity and the signal becomes more clean. You will hear this!

1 Reference Tweaks Bags 5 cm x 3 cm.  Miracle Wraps in an handy tweak-self edition. A major upgrade for your home audio set and fits also mobile amplifiers like Graham Slee Voyager, CMOY and Neco amplifiers. Just put a little packet inside, up or under audio components. Place it gently next to transformers, capacitors, the battery etc. Place one or more on power connectors and interlink plugs. Wait at least 10 minutes and you will hear instantly the difference. You will notice a sound with more authority, a more smooth,  a more musical and richer sound. Price for 3 pieces, only 30,00. Shipping worldwide 2,00

2.  Magic Sleeves.  T T L  treated Cotton (ecru,15-20 mm), linen (grey, 7-11mm) and bamboo (ecru, 7-11mm) sleeves. Price all types, 10,00 pm.

All our products will include the How to use Miracle Wraps manual, please click here.






M i r a c l e   W r a p s

The Miracle Wraps for applying on AC  and Interlink connectors. Read on.

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